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So I've just been so boooorrrreeeeddddddd recently and with February long week-end coming up, I thought that I would open commissions just because I've been so... bored, yeah, uh--
And I've just been ITCHING to draw something because I really liked the way I did the hair in my Valentine's day art and I want to do more of that, and I might as well make you guys happy in the mean time. You know, if that would make you happy.
Grah, I have no self-confidence.
So regarding price... well, I'm not really sure. I look at other artist's commission pricing, but they're all... good, so... and I always found them ridiculously over-priced. I can't take money anyways, so if anything you'll have to pay me in points. So if you want one, contact me and we'll discuss a points price; they won't be expensive, I'm cool with basically anything. Or depending on the difficulty of the picture I'll just give it to you for free.
So, I'll basically draw anything you want, I don't really have any certain preferences, but please no hentai. I won't do that, but anything else at all, I'll draw.
So, yeah.
Also, Operation Front Page is still in motion, so link to that here: eatenbytheinterwebs.deviantart…
More commission opportunities there, so please go~

Current Set projects:
Adoptable Sheet -- 0%
Sketch Dump Random -- 67%
Snow Day -- 0%
More Steph + Ronny Pics (I have an idea, OKAY?!) -- 0%

yeah just add commissions on top of that that's so smart isn't it
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United States
Hi there, I'm Victoria. You can call me Eatenbytheinterwebs (though I'd question why because that's a long title), Vic, VCTRA (I couldn't fit my full name into the Super Smash Bros Brawl thing, okay?), etc.


Things I have to do/ get:
A transparent umbrella and sit underneath it staring at the sky while it rains.
A 20$ bill and go through the drivethrough at Mcdonald's getting only 1$ items every time.
A huge silly looking Christmas sweater.
Write a speech that touches upon my clumsiness and say the words "Now, I've dropped many things in my lifetime icluding the Thunthunthun and the bass..."
Transcribe this:…

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:iconi-cannotdraw: :icongodtierpancakes: :icontemptresssnape: :iconallvideosown: :iconuxiewriter: :iconsmileandmoveon:


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I just wanted to see how long it would take for this to fill up

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BriefZ466 Apr 5, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Your work is amazing! Wish I had it talent!
oh my god thank you so much!! you just made my day
BriefZ466 Apr 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
and that makes my day!
LordeBoy Jan 22, 2014
wanna join my pirate crew?
i feel like i'm missing something. can i ask what you mean by that?
LordeBoy Jan 22, 2014
It's like a DA family
AllVideosOwn Sep 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

Omfig, you've talked to be before but I didn't know that you were THAT depressed...


._. I feel bad now. I thought that I was depressed.


._. Ugh, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.


._. I'm being far too depressed over your depression.


._. I feel like a bad friend.



i can see the qoute-unquote "depression" now. i might rewrite that bio
AllVideosOwn Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
THX U Or not, I mean, do what's rlly your personality
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